John Owens, Ph.D. 


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Welcome to Music at Home, my name is John and I would like to take a moment to tell you my story and why I believe music, especially in the home, is so important.


First and foremost, I am a dad and I try to give my kids the best experiences in life, which includes music at home. My kids all make music with me, with my wife, and with each other. Of course, these experiences are a valuable part of who they are, which I believe is true for everyone.


Professionally, I am musician, music educator, and music scholar. As a musician, I was a percussionist in the US Army Band, drummer for Disney, performed as a solo artist, and have played in many different bands. I primarily focus on drum set, rudimental percussion, and world drumming. As a music educator, I taught at Lake Michigan College, Coconino Community College, Kent State University, Page High School, and St. Augustine High School. As a scholar, I have written a number of articles, presented at multiple music education conferences, and served as a music education consultant. Currently, I am the music area coordinator and subject matter expert for the Department of Defense Educational Activity.


My education includes a Ph.D. in Music Education and Masters of Music in Music Education from Kent State University. I earned by Bachelor of Arts in Music Education fro Cal State San Bernardino.


My wife and I homeschool our four kids. We spend lots of time reading classics, plating outdoors, and making music.